High Encription FREE Proxy

MADDW uses a high internet connection and a one of the best internet encryption algorithms on the internet. By using maddw youtube proxy no one will know your real location, you will be able to bypass internet filters and make your personal data more anonymus online. You can unblock youtube, facebook, twitter etc. anywhere on the web for free. When you will trying to unblock youtube with maddw, the webmasters of the websites you are accessing will always see as being in Paris, France. For example most schools, work environments like office places and event some countries are blocking websites and trying to figure out. Use maddw youtube proxy now for FREE.


Unblock the Internet

Maddw is a high performance Youtube web proxy located in france. Maddw is compatible with all major video website on the internet. You can unblock youtube, facebook, twitter, myspace and so one, now for free.

Bypass the great firewall of china and remove the restriction on youtube in pakistan. We don't add any restrictions to our proxy and we don't care how you will use this service. You will have full access to the world wide web and we will do everything in our powers to keep it that way. All we care is that you will have fun with maddw.


Unblock Youtube Videos

Youtube is one of the most frequently blocked sites on the internet and for that we worked extra hard just to unblock youtube for every one. Now tou can Unblock youtube in in countries like Pakistan, China, Iran and Sudan for free. But from our knowledge users from countries Germany cant access all videos on youtube, they get a message like "this video is not available in your country" these are all the major label artist how post their music videos on youtube as well videos theat contain background music, and in this situations we recomand German users to use our youtube proxy so they cand bypass german web restrictions. You can now unblock youtube all together or you can just unblock youtube vevo music videos.

Maddw anonymous web proxy

Security Approved Proxy

Our web proxy is a high secure anonymous web proxy. what makes us a secure web proxy you may ask? The answer is not simple at all! We actually use several servers at once to encrypt all our proxy traffic. Our approach to encryption is quite simple! Is easier to decrypt one encryption key then severel. So after someone describes the first layer they will find that the result is encrypted again and again and again. Make yourself more anonymous to protect your online identity from personal data, hungry, fanatics.