youtube proxy

Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

As of September 17, 2012, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to permanently ban youtube in Pakistan. And as theat old saying goes "where is a will there's a way", we came to you with the best alternative to unblock youtube in Pakistan today. We created Maddw to be the easiest and the best youtube proxy solution in Pakistan, video are at best quality format, high speed video streems, no dellay and so on. Use Maddw Pakistan Proxy yo unblock youtube and watch all your favorite music videos, shows, and so on and all is for free and without any restriction.Maddw is just awebproxy.

youtube music

Unblock Youtube Music

We had optimize Maddw to work perfectly with Youtube Vevo music videos. All major international artists use vevo channels to post their newest videos on youtube, and the down side to this is the at are some countries that their videos are restricted, The Pakistan version of Maddw is hosted in France where this restriction are not available and you have full access all across youtube platform. On Vevo's channes you will find all major artist of the world from Eminem and Rihana to Balck M and Idila. You can unblock moveis posted on youtube