High Availability (24/7)

Maddw is a high availability web proxy availeble to all United States citizens. Our Web Proxy is hosted on several state of the art servers, in one of the biggest data centers in the world, so we can offer you a 100% web proxy uptime. Maddw is not just a high availability web proxy, we also offer you unlimited bandwidth throw your web proxy so you can spend all the time in the world on your favorit web sites, youtube, facebook, twitter, reading your favorite online magazines.


High Security Sistem

Maddw web proxy cares about your online security, privacy and anonymity, we beleve that this is our constitutional right and we want anyone to take this from us. From some time now the united states government try to enforce some laws not to friendly for United States citizens. You may remember one of the most media covered know as ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). But Maddw web proxy is not just protection system from your gubermant! There are tens of tounzen of organizations that want to get your personal information with or without your consent. And for that we added in Maddw web proxy a complex high encryption algorithm so no one can highjack your internet connection and see what you are doing on the internet. But this in not all we devise a program that will remove all trackers and ad sistem when you navigate to websites throw our web proxy.


United States Web Proxy

Tell all your family and friends about Maddw Web Proxy, about the security you will get by using this particular web proxy. Let everybody know how you fell free againg on the internet. Let everybody know that Maddw web proxy believes in the freedom of speech on and we made this website for all the United states citizens whit a internet connection. Now you can unblock sites like facebook, youtube, twitter, myspace, reddit and so on form your school, office, public wifi and so on.